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Abandoning his family to chase intergalactic fame and fortune, an aspiring racer discovers fantasy doesn’t match reality. But is it too late to go home?

Gil's father owns the TyHa’an ranch on the planet Garn, which he works with Gil and his older sister Jea - but it's a cover for a slave rescue organisation.
Since Gil’s mum died, he's not been interested in anything but the Twin Planets Racing Championship, only he keeps losing races because his racer lets him down.
Out of frustration, Gil persuades his dad to


give him his inheritance early (half the ranch) so that he can buy a racer that he thinks he deserves.
Gil sells his half straight away and uses the money to pay the deposit on a Gorton-Macer 71000, a top-of-the-range racer.
Now, piloting the best machine money can buy, Gil can really pursue his ambitions - but success leads him on a downward path into slavery himself.

This is just the first adventure for Gil and his family.
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