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The Twin Planets

The Twin Planets of Garn and Feth orbit around each other, in the same way that the Moon orbits the Earth.
Both planets have rings - a bit like Saturn’s, only more rocky - but, because the planets are close to each other, the rings are pulled out of shape by gravity and they form a sort-of figure of eight. That makes a great big asteroid field between Garn and Feth.
The two races that live on the Twin Planets don’t like each other at all. The Feths are quite an advanced civilisation. They love their big business, powerful cars and great machines. As a result, Feth is a pretty polluted place.
The Feths look down on the Garns because their way of life is much more traditional. Most Garns prefer to make a living by farming or forestry. This means that Garn is a much nicer place to live: there are fewer people, the air is


cleaner, and the scenery is great.
This wouldn’t be so bad, except that many of the richer Feths like the idea of having a holiday home in the peaceful countryside. They have bought land and houses on Garn, and have taken over most of the local ruling councils, so that the real Garns no longer run their own world. The Garns bitterly resent the Feths’ interference.
Both societies use slaves to do a lot of the less pleasant jobs. Slaves are seen as property, and setting slaves free, especially other people's slaves, can land you in jail. Slave rescue organisations are known as "Freers".
There is a third race: the Gaths. They are the descendants of Garns who married Feths. They have no home on either planet, and live in the asteroid field in between, either as dodgy traders, pirates or slavers.

This is the place where our stories are set.